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inyu training® online store

Productivity Solution Kit
$ 199.00


Product Description:

The most precious commodity in our business is time. The more productive our teams are, the more successful our businesses become. The Productivity Solution Kit is designed to assist you with a comprehensive training program to support a plan for focusing action and training on the behaviors that increase productivity. This program addresses the importance of pre-booking, up-selling, cross-selling and provides an extensive training session that guides the Guest Care Team through a deeper understanding of the role they play in increasing productivity.

What You Get:
Pre-booking - Facilitator Workbook
Pre-booking - Participant Workbook
Role of the Guest Care Coordinator - Facilitator Workbook
Role of the Guest Care Coordinator - Participant Workbook
Up-selling and Cross-selling - Facilitator Workbook
Up-selling and Cross-selling - Participant Workbook
Action Sheet - Productivity Kit
Podcasts - Productivity Kit
Podcast Instruction Sheet - Productivity Kit


Experience Solution Kit
$ 199.00


Product Description:

The process of building a brand begins by working backwards from what you want your customer to feel when they are in the experience of being your customers. The Experience Solution Kit assists with distilling the desired customer experience down to a few core words and supports refining your systems to deliver this experience each and every time. This powerful kit will assist you with leading the team through a deeper understanding of the role they play in crafting customer experiences and how to overcome challenges to deliver memorable service experiences consistently.

What You Get:
3 Words - Facilitator Workbook
3 Words - Participant Workbook
Excuse the Excuses - Facilitator Guide
Excuse the Excuses - Participant Guide
Action Sheet - Experience Kit
Measuring the Guest Experience - Workbook
Podcasts - Experience Kit
Podcast Instruction Sheet - Experience Kit



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